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STREAM: Throwing Snow – Aspera

Posted by Jakub

Musically soo attractive and engaging, I wish this EP came out earlier in the year only because you’d see it on more Top Releases of the year lists instead of being shadowed by them.

What really separates Throwing Snow from most producers is his approach of fitting in the softening blows with mixing melody and having a good time in a genre that is quickly swerving into the club scene. He executes one of the hardest things, sharing melodic beat music to friends without you feeling like having to share something clubby or saying “oh here it is, you hear that, wait… there it is.. do you like it? this is the stuff I like, where are you going?”


Throwing Snow + Mark E + Kyson + Mohn

Posted by Jakub

I’m at Percussion Lab right now, they stream a radio station ( tune in now ) out of Brooklyn, NY every Monday night run by Praveen( Sepalcure, Braille, Praveen & Benoit ) who is no stranger to the blog since we started. This weekend they will be putting on a show for Unsound Festival which is featuring 2562, Sepalcure, Throwing Snow, and many more, here’s more info on the event if you’re interested it’s called Bass Mutations. This track by Throwing Snow is one of the only ones I could find that I loved that I heard Praveen play on the show, hopefully he’ll have some of this unreleased stuff out soon.

Last night I had a going away party because i’m moving across the country to the Bay Area, We had Praveen play a live Braille set, Sarah from Phantogram debuted her first DJ set, Beacon threw down their best DJ set i’ve ever heard and Sam Valenti IV and his lady Moderna closed out the night, Shaun White was even there, really funny guy, well anyway they threw down this huge slow jam from Mark E, its the Space Dub version, absolutely murdered my face off on the dance floor.

Kyson is a new signing on Moodgadget, one thing I love about him is that he does just a bunch of bootleg remixes on his spare time, my favorite has to be his Washed Out one, it just kind of flutters in this one area and dissolves nicely. His EP Patience is out on May 1st, definitely worth a listen.

The owners of one of my favorite labels of all time are back at it in the studio under the name Mohn. The delicate builds these two have made over the years are mind boggling, if you want more pick up their Burger/Ink material.