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Koreless + Sorcerer + Jamie XX + Poolside

Posted by Jakub

“Start your engines and drive thru the 8 bit dirt in Excitebike” thats what the intro sounds like to me in this older single from Koreless and then the looped vocal comes in and adds that human connection and becomes a sugary fun track that bubbles and like a UK hip version of Pogo.

Sorcerer! who does your guitars? you? I love them, download this one here.

I missed this Jamie Xx track, what an intro, who would have thought that we would listen to this much steel drums in 2008 and on from Ratatat, The Knife and now this.

Here’s the semi pop effort of getting slow disco in front of a larger audience, sadly I think it might be a tad bit too slow, also vox could sit a little better in the mix, I love Poolside, I only want to see them do well.