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Minimal Wave has its own passionate community, one that has a forum with involved fans, pretty much the perfect label culture you’d like to see. I picked up this Das Ding vinyl over the weekend after passing by it too many times at the record stores. Its a great LP all the way thru with minimal synths with a hazy goth/punk attitude, makes me want to dive back into more of these records that I use to love so much.

One of the best minimal synths bands i’ve ever seen live was Xeno and Oaklander, a seriously cared for project put out by Wierd Records, what I love about them is that when you see them on stage you have a feeling that they live this music, its not an act, those two don’t step out of their dark mood much or I could be wrong but the dedication shows.

Automelodi is a bit more french dark pop compared to the last 2 songs in my opinion, almost touches on a 80’s hit, great youthful lead synth work.

Lets space it out with Klaus Schulze to add some diversity.

Oppenheimer+Depeche Mode+France+Onra

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Classic Cuts -
I went to a Minimal Wave show once here in New York, probably one of the more memorable shows i’ve been too because of the dark atmosphere and hidden venue. The girl that djed played some stuff that sounded like Oppenheimer Analysis at times and I recently just found out that they originally came out on Minimal Waves label, well that was a nice coincidence, definitely a great synth pop song.

Policy of Truth.

Anyone ever see Air France LIVE? i’d like to know how they would do a show of their music live? maybe they just DJ? either way if you’re sick of MGMT and need to pull it back a couple notches than try this song No Way Down.

Simple yet to the point, Onra has a nice hold on abstract hip hop world right now with Nosaj Thing, Mux Mool, Hudson Mohawke and Samiyam.

Oppenheimer Analysis – The Devil’s Dancer


Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth


Air France – No Way Down


Onra – Haterproof