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ISO50: Developer Wanted

Posted by ISO50

We’re looking for a developer! This would be a mostly contract position but could potentially be a long-term retainer situation as well. We’re looking for the following skills:

· WordPress – This is first and foremost, you must be very familiar with WordPress and WordPress plugin development and modification

· General Web – All the standard stuff, PHP, CSS, HTML, MYSQL, etc.

· Visual Design – Not absolutely necessary as we do all the design production in-house, but would be a big plus to have some sort of visual background.

Interested parties please email Studio (at) ISO50 (dot) com. Be sure to include some examples of your work and a list of proficiencies.


Help Wanted: Overclocker

Posted by Scott

I’m looking for someone with detailed knowledge of overclocking Intel systems to help tweak a production system in the studio. It’s running an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 CPU (liquid cooled) on an Asus Maximus Formula Mobo with Patriot 8GB DDR2 PC8500 1066MHz memory (detailed specs here). If you or anyone you know can help overclock this machine please contact talk [@] iso50 [dot] com with the word “overclock” in the subject. Location is not an issue, we can handle it over the phone or video if need be. Please include a cost estimate in your email.

I’ve had the machine overclocked in the past, but it was never as stable as I needed and I wasn’t able to get the memory running as fast as I wanted so I’m hoping someone can step up and sort it all out.