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Braille+Foxes In Fiction+Quantec+Onra

Posted by Jakub

We’re happy to be able to share this new track from Braille aka Sepalcure/Praveen, i’ve been trying to follow all the Braille material, it grabs my ear soo quickly. Its honestly that perfect blend that brings elements of what I love in tribal/house to the dancefloor in less of a world music way but more in a everyone is invited to enjoy it way, support by purchasing it here

Foxes In Fiction just leaked his live version of Jimi Bleachball, a definite favorite last year, grab it here for free from his tumblr.

I’m a sucker for most Quantec tracks, once i’m a couple minutes in, it becomes THE sound that I want to hear for the rest of the day. You should grab up some of his music and make a playlist for tonight.

New Onra and its longer than 3 minutes? don’t write it off this has potential, its riding a thin line of Easy Listening but with the Onra touch, some might call this dated but i’m calling it skillful, really impressed even though I don’t have much experience in knowing this sounds history.

Taken By Trees+Candy Claws+Sufjan+CFCF

Posted by Jakub

A select few songs by Taken By Trees have been a stand in for my Kings Of Convenience needs recently, attractive slow guitar and melody and a voice to hum along to.

There’s no rush in Candy Claws’ In the Deep Time, it as if Mum matured and worked with someone like Library Tapes.

Foxes In Fiction has been doing some covers lately and I had to share this one he did of Sufjan Stevens’ John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Just to change speeds since its Friday and I just posted 3 bedtime style tracks, here’s a new Nacho Lovers spin of CFCF off the new remix EP.

Ikons+Foxes In Fiction+Sun Araw+Skream

Posted by Jakub

Slow Disco pro’s Coyote take a single off the recent Ikons LP and churn out a dreamy space exploration remix of Honey.

I’ve been hooked on Memoryhouse lately, so when I heard Foxes In Fiction did I cover my worlds collided and rushed to download it.

I recently posted a Sun Araw track without sharing anymore of this beautiful murky material, they really experiment with their sound and follow no certain style, definitely something fun to just let it ride out.

I love hearing what dubstep artist are deciding to produce after an era of wobble, i’d love to hear more of this from Skream. Highly Recommended.

Foxes In Fiction+Samps+Walls+L. Pollution

Posted by Jakub

Foxes In Fiction originally released his album Swung from the Branches by himself for free but recently has reissued it with 3 bonus tracks including this song Flashing Lights Have Ended Now. This weekend I got to see him play at the record store down the block from my house that is run by Mexican Summer, he played a great set that reminded me of Atlas Sound and Benoit Pioulard.

While I was in that record store the record shop guy put on this 12″ from The Samps which is a great mixture of some of my favorite genres all in one. It has that lo-fi sound that Lone brought back nicely while touching on a slow disco tempo to carry it along into something fresh sounding.

The Field never disappoints on remixes, this time he takes a stab at a label mates single, the original by Walls was great but at the 2:16 mark this remix becomes a Field classic.

Carpark as always is on a tear, cleaning up with the most exciting signings. Recently they signed Light Pollution who have already secured some lovely bill spots like Pitchfork’s After Party @ The Empty Bottle w/ Delorean + Glasser and opening for Neon Indian, look for them to squeeze onto more summer mixtapes.


Posted by Jakub

You maybe remember City Center from my Top Albums of 2009 list, the project is still going strong with plenty of releases planned like this limited pressing EP on Quite Scientific that really grabbed my ear. The duo is always on the road and really great live, I highly recommend seeing a live show.

Foxes In Fiction has a pure honest sound, it touches on the softness of Atlas Sound yet keeps this youthful honesty that is not as common in music these days. Ativan could be the perfect love song for this day in age, this might be the closest you’ll get to feeling that fuzzy feeling about someone and sharing a soda.

Ariel Pink keeps surprising me with his progession in sound, we went from lo-fi to AM Gold and i’m not gonna complain at all, he does it so well.

Girls In The Eighties has that vocal in lo-fi where I find it harder to share with new listeners but personally appeals to me and it attracts me even more when it has hints of IDM like this song Youth Experiment.