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My Favorite Work of Art

Posted by Alex

I’ve never really posted on fine art before, but these are works by Ed Rucha are my absolute favorites. I’ve seen one of these in person before but I have no memory of where I was. I am pretty sure the NYC MOMA has Ship Talk. I do remember that when I saw it, I froze for about five minutes in front of it; incapable of moving or verbally expressing why I was frozen. All I could think about was how much I needed to own it so I could stare at it all the time. I imagined fantastical scenarios where I would make a lot of money and purchase it instantly. I have never felt that way about any other work of art. It was simultaneously a great feeling (to have found something I loved so much) and a horrible one (for reasons I still don’t understand). Pictured above:

Ship Talk
Man Wife
Brother Sister
Untitled (not pictured, though similar)

Like the Richard Misrach pictures I posted on a while back, I hesitated posting these in a 450 pixel wide scenario. You really need to see these in person to get the full effect. If I can remember where they are I’ll include it here. (And if anyone knows where these can be found, let us know in the comments.)