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Sepalcure+B. Acab+Shlohmo+Omar S.

Posted by Jakub

Cover Art by Sougwen

One record that i’m highly anticipating is Sepalcure debut album, I tuned into PercussionLab last month and Praveen dropped a track thats off the LP that I would love to share with all of you. This remix EP will have to surpress my needs until it drops.

The mighty young star of all the goth dreamy music is the TriAngle Records label, their bread and butter Balam Acab has finished his album and Pitchfork shared a single off it today. It sounds like if you slowed down a Disney VHS and tried to match it up with your older sisters R+B cassettes, pretty beautiful stuff.

This Shlohmo album is throws me off, it feels like the serious beat heads just all decide to work with instruments which is nice, lets start separating the musicians from the boys. I kind of love how this song sounds like he left a recorder in his pocket and walked around somewhere like a calm New Orleans street.

Omar S. is honestly very hit or miss, when he’s off it doesn’t just sound amateur and raw but it feels like a loop that was given up on. When Omar S. is nailing it and its stripped down gritty simple techno than i’m all in and maybe even more than the next guy. I love this mixture of James T. Cotton and Sleeparchive on this track, makes me think about how much fun it would be to own a Roland 303.

Hans Mauli

Posted by Jon

Born in Switzerland, Hans Mauli was a graphic designer who worked with Herb Lubalin and designed the typeface for the World Trade Center signage. From 1971 to 1991 he worked as an advertising photographer in Paris, after which he moved to the United States and began to focus on fine art photography. When he began his photographic career he did not have access to a darkroom, so most of his early work was not printed until much later. See more of them here.

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HTRK + Pure X + Niva + Beat Connection

Posted by Jakub

Is it too early in the summer for such dark lush post rock from HTRK? not at all, this is classic feeling, i’ve never heard a better Suicide cover and probably never will, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

For those that need more summer cuts that you can pass out to that are in the vein of Ducktails and Real Estate then you’ll need this song from Pure X in your collection.

I found Niva randomly looking for something on has been my #1 resource for new music), their whole EP wasn’t bad, a bit on the popular summer indie sound but it doesn’t matter that much when it pops up on your iTunes and you run to go see who it is.

You know I love The Drums, the vocal studder here is a bit much but here’s the first remix from their upcoming album thats due out next month. September is looking to be a busy release month.

Beirut+Poolside+Mark McGuire+H. Pearls

Posted by Jakub

The new Beirut has a couple gems like this one, a few of the other tracks are a bit too straight forward, makes me feel like i’m walking into a boutique in Greece that doesn’t want me in the shop because every is soo clean, still in love with all my other Beirut records, this song, and I hope he does wonderful things for a larger audience.

A great cover of Harvest Moon by duo that go by the name Poolside, Daytime Disco might start sneaking into the prep school world. #beautifully_executed

Mark McGuire will have a new LP out at the end of next month, he’s been working on it for over a year, I can’t wait to sit thru the whole thing and not touch the fast forward button.

A new one from me as Heathered Pearls, have it for free please. It’s on a hypnotic tip with some shimmering interruptions, just think of the exploration and excitement of scuba diving at night.

ISO50 Exclusive: Under The Mountain

Posted by Jakub

Flyer for the August 30th ISO50 / Moodgadget Showcase in Brooklyn, NY

ISO50 presents a Moodgadget Showcase including an upcoming event and a FREE compilation to download. The event is taking place at The Glasslands on August 30th, i’ll be djing along side Alex Koplin(who has offered his services by creating the flyer and collabing with me on the shirt/cover art) inbetween these blooming talented acts, timeslots(people love knowing the slots) below.

Free compilation to download

As a kind gesture by the musicians, many of them have offered an exclusive track for the events compilation/mixtape, DOWNLOAD: UNDER THE MOUNTAIN COMPILATION

free shirt giveaway at the door - limited shirt, only 100 pressed

The night of we are giving away an EXCLUSIVE Under The Mountain tee(limited to 100, probably 20x of each size) these are only for the Brooklyn show, no repressings, free at the door while supplies last, so probably come early. Sizes S-XL available.

Kopparberg premium cider ill be providing complimentary drinks from 8pm-9pm

Tickets are only $10 / $8 advance – BUY TICKETS HERE

POPGUN Booking

7:30-8:00 Heathered Pearls / HeadUp
8:00-8:35 Jacob 2-2
8:45-9:20 Starfawn
9:30-10:05 Beacon
10:15-10:50 Teeel
11:00-11:35 D. Gookin
11:45-12:20 Andre Obin
12:30-1:05 Foxes In Fiction
1:15-1:50 Mux Mool