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C. Truise+N. Patrol+T. Thaemlitz+L. Radio

Posted by Jakub

The single is out for Com Truise’s debut album Galactic Melt, this release is going to be soo lush and enjoyable I can’t wait to share more of it with you all. Seth is working on a shirt for the image above and a large sticker set, should be a gorgeous project.

I’ve realized Nacho Patrol is what i’d want to DJ all night if I could keep a dancefloor with just tune after tune of this, a big sweatbox of a slow heavy kick and wandering synths.

Terre Thaemlitz or DJ Sprinkles has some of the most unique releases when it comes to someone that DJs, haunting gentle releases on muted notes, too good.

This new goth train people are jumping on is very trendy only but there are hints of hope, the only way I see it working out is if people commit a 10+ year career to a project, this Lake Radio track has that feel if they stick to this sound it could be a lovely lovely group, I hope to hear more soon.

Dieter Rams / Vitsoe 50th Anniv. in NY

Posted by Jakub

When Dieter Ram’s was 28 he designed the 606 Universal Shelving System aka the 60’s 606. Today Vitsoe a furniture design company that has a shop in Manhattan is celebrating this remarkable shelving by hosting Dieter at their shop today. If you get a chance please stop there is a special treat in which the front half of the shop is set up entirely with vintage systems from the 60’s, on loan from Dietrich Lubs(Dieter Rams colleague) himself.

33 Bond Street
New York NY 10012
Tel +1 917 675 6990

Image Above: Dieter Rams’s first sketch including a shelving system, 1955

Michael Kenna

Posted by Jon

I came across Michael Kenna’s work through a recent dive into the “Photography Inspiration” folder on my hard drive. I don’t know how I missed them the first time, but I was immediately drawn to his series from Japan, and was even more amazed when I visited his website and saw the rest of his shots. Really inspiring images.

Check out the rest of his work here.

John Lamonica+J. Lynch+Russom+Mountains

Posted by Jakub

John LaMonica put together an album that mixes and mashes together some of my favorite styles of music from early 2000s, it was best described by Boomkat in the UK as “Squarepusher being given free reign to bugger around with a Radiohead record“, download Heartling for FREE here.

The new Julian Lynch record is something i’m still digesting, one song that grabbed right away was Clay Horses, the guitars are soo full and warm like honey shining in the sun and tuned just the way i’d love to hear a clear played.

I love Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom, i’m committed to hearing everything they produce. Recently Gavin remixed former Games duo Ford & Lopatin and came out with a morphed early 90’s pulsing soundtrack to machines working with their lights blinking.

I’m not going to complain on how many Mountain bands there are, that would be stupid :). This one is for all the Steve Reich fans, I love this track **lowers himself into a volcano waving slowly in a knight suit pointing his sword into the sky**.

Cover Art by: Jakub Alexander

Bibio + Washed Out

Posted by Jakub

For the Bibio fans that have been listening since the beginning I think you’ll find this new album more enjoyable than Ambivalence Avenue, I definitely do. I’m more of a Hand Cranked and Fi fan myself, Bibio fills in spots that BoC isn’t offering lo-fi wise and also the lead off single for this release was a real curve ball, just sit with Saint Christopher 2 times thru.

New Washed Out is coming out on Sub Pop, some of you maybe asking yourself if he’s making his own melodies this time and I truly think he’s writing all of this, its a comforting beautiful result, summer jams!

Eureka Magazine

Posted by Scott

The second issue of Eureka — a new science supplement to The Times — is out and it’s looking like a design classic in the making. Matt Curtis (art direction), Matt Swift (information graphics), and David Loewe (design) comprise the design team for the new publication. Going to have to track down a copy for myself.

Browse the full issue here

Magculture via Things To Look At