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Mogi Grumbles: Original Tron Re-Score

Posted by Jakub

Here it is, Mogi Grumbles’ album which is a tribute soundtrack to the original Tron movie, below is some info about Mogi and the project which is a 60 minute recut of the movie with the album synced to it. The score/album is all done by Mogi Grumbles, please go and download.

End of Line is an original re-score of the movie Tron (1981), created by Ann Arbor native French / Disco House antihero Mogi Grumbles. End of Line is a 100% independent composition that lives wholly outside the original film score by Wendy Carlos and Annemarie Franklin.

The result of a live collaboration between Alex Taam and video editor Christian Silbereis, a re-cut of the film featuring the Mogi Grumbles re-score has been released as a companion piece for your viewing pleasure.

[100% of the donation goes directly to the musicians paypal]

Cover art by Alex Koplin

ISO50 x Seth Haley Print

Posted by Scott

Did a collab limited edition print with Seth Haley (aka Com Truise) for the Tycho / Com Truise show this Saturday @ Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. I’ll be printing some up for the show so the first serials will be available there exclusively (and as with all the shows, they will be at a discounted rate). See you in New York…

Info | Tickets

Basic Channel + Magic Mtn + Zomby + Big 200

Posted by Jakub

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This song is hands down one of my favorite sounding tracks i’ve heard in my life, its soo important for me to have this kind of music in my life especially when your in your own head most of the day and not in a office. Every time it starts up I feel myself loosening up and letting myself even out mentally, I need all 9:21 once it starts. [comes back after laying down and repeats song] If you come from a background where Juan Atkins and Maurizio were artists that changed your way of listening to music then these sounds aren’t just bubbling space synths these sounds are equal to peaking into the most private art collection and being able to spend an hour picking something out for yourself.

When you first hear this song by Magic Mountain he isn’t doing anything new when it comes to the people that have been following labels like Traum, Kompakt or Mille Plateaux. I guess it might be new to the indie kids, it would be amazing if old Kompakt releases got reissued because this kind of music got popular again, so I wish Mr. Magic Mountain the best of luck, I just hope he’s done his homework and knows he’s treading in a very beautiful secluded world where there is no room for any half assing because its already been done really really well.

4AD signed Zomby, wow, listen, I like it but just imagine these 2 worlds colliding.

What happened to the Idjut Boys? am I just not looking hard enough? they did such good edits, especially that one of Phil Collins, this one for Big Two Hundred is insane.

F5 Fest

Posted by Scott

I’m heading to NYC to check out F5 fest this week. It runs from April 15-16th and features presentations from various speakers. The whole thing is put on by the people from Motionographer so it certainly won’t disappoint. I was able to check it out in ’09 and was pretty blown away by the presentations, can’t wait to see what’s in store this time around. Hope to see you out there.

F5 Fest

Tycho Live in Brooklyn April 16th

Posted by Scott

Flyer by Jakub Alexander

Thanks to everyone who came out and made last night in SF amazing, we had a great time playing for you.

I’ll be doing a laptop/visuals set along with Com Truise and Heathered Pearls (Jakub’s alter-ego) on Saturday, April 16th at Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn. The show is limited to 250 people, ticket link is below. See you out there.

PopGun Presents…
Sat, April 16th @ Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn

TYCHO [laptop/visual SET – no band]



$6 ADV / $10 DOS – Tickets
21+, Doors at 12:00am

More Info | Tickets

Mogi + M. Dear + Apparat +Delia & Gavin

Posted by Jakub

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This week Tron Legacy came out on DVD and that soundtrack by Daft Punk was amazing. Today, Mogi Grumbles is sharing with us for the first time his take on the first Tron film, above is a teaser video, he made a tribute album of all ORIGINAL songs and his friend recut the whole movie to fit this new soundtrack to it. DOWNLOAD this new track for free for the ISO50 readers. The album will be available next week as a name your own price deal / free, i’ll link it once its available.

The Matthew Dear remixes have been rolling out for more than a 6 months now, everyone from Bear In Heaven to How To Dress Well to Mark E have had stabs at it. The one besides the the Mark E one that I keep going back to is this Breakbot one, it reminds me of a sitcom theme song that never happened because of those keys and bassline, its perfection.

New Apparat! everyone flip out!

Do yo need meditation music but your sick of the wussy stuff, take it up a notch with Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom.

Radere + Peter Broderick + Machinefabriek

Posted by Jakub

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Radere put together a beautiful 2 track release that came out today. The sound can be explained by maybe what you’d hear if you started to daydream away while casually holding your hand out the window of a car during a long beautiful road trip, that complete relaxation that we all look for when were working away and forgetting about what might be one of the best feelings we can experience.

Hopefully many of you are figuring out my huge crush for Peter Broderick’s music, he gives minimalism warmth and reason. When he teams up with Machinefabriek then its an ultimate piece, enjoy.

On a lighter noter, can we talk about Jam Skating? this was my whole life in middle school and it completely disappeared, anyone have any good stories or more links to only older footage?