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Childhood memory of songs from my mom

Posted by Jakub

I always try to figure out why I listen to soo much music that has a soft flow to it, then I think about what songs I wanted to hear the most out of my mom’s music collection. She always seemed to have these great low key parties with close friends when we came to the States, I remember just laying there in the dark with the light and sounds coming from the cracked door, the tone was perfect, especially an uninterrupted front to back listen of The Police.

I really didn’t get to hear any Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Fleetwood Mac, etc that I can remember, some would say I missed out but its okay with me, I just wanted to thank my mom real quick ha! it was mostly this. Maybe because we came from Poland and this is what was popular in the mid 80’s-early 90’s? What did your parents love that just gets you every time still? I’m not going to lie I think my play count of early Sting is in the 100’s on iTunes. On a side note on this Enya song, make fun of it all you want BUT what production, its maybe cheesy for most but thinking of it as a new song i’d be really impressed from a solo artist to get this sound out of them.

Tycho Adult Swim Bumps

Posted by Scott

I am about as big a fan of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim’s work as exists on this planet. So it was a very, very pleasant surprise to see that [adult swim] (the network that features one of Tim and Eric’s greatest works: the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! show) was running a bump featuring Cloud Generator and a shout for the Past is Prologue digital reissue after the show. If anyone from [as] is reading this, thank you!

adult swim has run some other bumps in the past featuring Tycho tracks, you can check them out here. Was cool to find all of those, I had only seen one and didn’t know the rest existed.

iPhone 4: Form before Function?

It’s certainly safe to say that a large number of people (myself included) have been plagued with an acute case of the “wants” when it comes to iPhone 4. Some of the new features are just downright awesome—Facetime, multitasking, HD video, 5 megapixel camera and the list goes on. We’re seeing all these cool new features, but at what cost do they get included?

During Apple’s keynote, some of the new technology was explained, one of which was the new antenna. The new iPhone chassis was designed not only to provide a more rigid body for the thin, refined design, but also to function as the antenna. As Steve Jobs mentioned during the keynote, the antenna is a metal band wrapping the phone and is comprised of two parts. One part for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS; the other for UMTS and GSM.

After reading this article, I began to question whether or not this new antenna was really executed that well. A prime example is shown in these videos: iPhone 4 losing reception when placing your hand over the antenna band. Have I seen this happen in person with iPhone 4? The answer is yes. It’s like magic; something that only Harry Potter should be able to do.

Just to clarify I’m not talking smack against Apple here, I’m just questioning how such a huge oversight like this could occur here. Some folks are suggesting that the phones tested were using the suggested* rubber case (which solves the problem), but I can’t seem to grasp the idea that, in all the testing that was done, no one seemed to notice this reception issue? Perhaps it was noted, but at that point did the rubber case become the solution to the problem? With past iPhones I’ve experienced drop calls which also makes me wonder if this whole time its been the actual design of the iPhone that has inhibited the reception and not AT&T (hard to believe).

On that note while I have your attention, I thought I’d ask for your thoughts.

Would you still buy iPhone 4 even though they are experiencing this issue?

Do you think Apple knew about the reception issue of iPhone 4?

Ikons + Blonde Redhead + Actress + Salem

Posted by Jakub

I’ve been in love with the label Service lately, they have a strong catalog and specific sound that usually catches my ears even if I go back to the early releases. Their latest release is Ikons who’s self titled LP has playing on repeat since last week. The sound is dreamy and druggy with sweet underlying texture that flows in and out of the vocal style, should be a great release.

New Blonde Redhead, you should just check it out and give it your attention.

The first time I heard Actress I was with Scott, I think I freaked him out because I probably sounded obsessed over a sound that might of sounded raw and unfinished but it hit on this sound that touched on Detroit roots that probably wouldn’t appeal to many others, this LP Splazsh is so damn good.

Some people will maybe call it Witch House or something like Horror Beat but without putting into a new sub genre this stuff by Salem is pretty thought thru, i’m really impressed on how fresh, dark and big it is and how no one has done this.


Posted by Alex

If the word ‘melancholy’ does not appear in this post, I am not doing my job. Sure the photographs of Garmonique are a little on the gloomy side, but that doesn’t stop them from being absolutely gorgeous. The color and composition of each is tremendous. (Can color/composition be described as tremendous? Probably not, but these shots are great enough that I willing to bend any vocabulary rules you might subscribe to.) He captures a very specific mood. I feel lost and lonely — but in a good way. Mysterious, dark and yes, melancholic indeed. That one image of the ocean reminds me a lot of the Hiroshi Sugimoto shot used for U2’s last album cover.

A bunch more on his Behance.

Teen Daze+Bridal Shop+Ariel Pink+Tropics

Posted by Jakub

Cover Art for The Bridal Shop - From Seas EP

Teen Daze has done it again by holding down some kind of coastal dream pop sound that is full of lush synth work, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I found The Bridal Shop by trying to find a Tough Alliance song that I wanted but no luck, I love when a good digital retailer sets up trails that makes you check out 10 or so new bands.

Ariel Pink steps it up like The Horrors did in this new driving direction, with huge praise from Pitchfork, this record will end up on a ton of Top Ten album lists. What I really like is the extras going on in the song, if it was straight forward I wouldn’t of shared this song with you, I would of just post some Joy Division.

More dreamy echoed out goodness, I just think this sound will be something i’ll always like, I guess I can blame growing up listening to a certain few spaced out tracks for that.

Alex Varanese

Posted by Scott

We’ve posted on him in the past, but I’ve seen Alex Varanese around a lot lately so I thought I’d put up some more of his work. He made a splash on Reddit yesterday, making it all the way to the front page (which, for the uninitiated, is sort of a big deal — at least among geeks and programmers) with his recent Alt/1977 series. This sort of overt retro-ism doesn’t always settle well with me (Yes, perhaps the pot calling out the kettle, but I’m a fan of restraint in these circumstances), but Alex executes so well you can’t help but take notice. His mastery of the orange spectrum is unquestioned and while there is a bit of borrowing from the James White bag of tricks — and with some of the type-centric work, maybe more overtly so, Alex Trochut — it is a very focused and impressive collection of work. I don’t think I’ve seen 3D meld so well with this sort of textured print aesthetic in a while and the noise he’s getting in those color fields is spot-on.

Check out more at Alex’s Behance and check out this process piece Alex did for Signalnoise.


Posted by Jakub

One of the nicest vinyl i’ve ever held in my hand that I can remember was Vincent Gallo’s When, just a really proper piece that spewed out care. When it gets too hot this summer slow down and throw on this song, its pretty special and the heat and sound go hand in hand.

Stars are back and this track has a lot of life, it touches on some elements that people might like if your a M83 or Jonsi fan because of the anxiety it builds but releases gently.

One artist i’m looking forward to seeing live this summer is Active Child, he has a impressive voice with a unique delivery with lyrics. The electronics seem to be all over yet focused on melody and supporting his singing style.

I feel like there will be a good amount of music like The Late Virginia Summers in the future coming from 16-18 year olds, I hear a ton of good demos like this. That mixture of post rock and upfront electronics delivered in a somber way, I feel like this movement is something The Album Leaf created.