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Esquire E Ink Cover

Posted by Scott


100,000 copies of Esquire’s October 75th anniversary issue will sport the "World’s First E Ink Cover". The video is pretty amazing; I’ve seen Kindles and other E Ink-equipped gadgetry before, but this is a  pretty stunning application of the technology. Whether it is relevant and/or functional as a concept remains to be seen. There are already some people raising interesting questions as to this potential trend’s impact. Whatever the case may be, that cover is pretty damned cool looking.

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Sebastien Tellier

Posted by Jakub

Sébastien Tellier
You may know Tellier from the Lost In Translation soundtrack or his CD being the only album available to purchase at every American Apparel retailer which probably are the 2 best ways(soundtracks and lifestyle shops) to get a record heard these days. If you haven’t already take a moment and at least listen to La Ritournelle, the first half is early Coldplay-ish but the second half when he starts singing i think of it being one of the best licensable tracks out there if edited right to video.

Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle


Sébastien Tellier – Look


BMW Art Cars

Posted by Scott

1986-BMW-635-CSi-Art-Car-Robert-Rauschenberg-SA-1600x120070_calder 70_stella 70_warhol 80_nelson 90_manrique
As Michael J. pointed out in the comments of the previous Sharpie Lamborghini post, Robert Rauschenberg was way ahead of the game on the whole "drawing all over badass cars" thing with his photo transfer 635 Csi way back in 1986 (first car pictured above). As it turns out, he wasn’t alone either. Among others, but perhaps most notably, Andy Warhol took a shot at the concept (see videos below) as part of the BMW Art Car program. More Info and pictures on all the Art Cars can be found at the US Auto Parts Art Car Site. You can also find some nice big wallpapers of the Rauschenberg car over here.

And no, this site isn’t switching format to an automotive blog; regardless of the recent spike in vehicle related posts. Thanks again for the heads-up on the Rauschenberg car Michael.