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Phil Cuttance: FACETURE series

[vimeo 35912908 w=450&h=253]

Really beautiful pixelated looking vases from Phil Cuttance. Now based in London, the New Zealander’s FACETURE series consists of vases, side tables and lightshades, all handmade using his custom FACETURE machine and molds. The reusable molds are made from an extremely thin polypropylene sheet, which when handled, allow him to reshape the form due to the malleability created by his “live hinge” system. The results are that no two objects cast are the same.

In the era of stereo lithography and other 3D printing methods, Phil’s analog workflow is inspiring, and the process seems just as important as the results, which are impressive to say the least. Head over to his site for a more in depth look at the process.

Posted by Rob Fissmer

Diary Fragments by Mario Kolaric

Posted by Jon M

Drawing and sketching has always been something I enjoy deeply, and done ever since I can remember, but it is something I regard as sacred and very personal, so I always find it interesting when I see others share their personal explorations. Visual Artist Mario Kolaric has been posting some of his explorations in a series called non other than Diary Fragments.

Really inspired by these and very tempted to try explore color in my own drawings. How many of you personally draw, sketch or thumbnail?