3 Minutes

Really simple, clean typography fits this publication well. 3 Minutes is from the non-profit organization Designers Against Human Rights Abuse.

Contributors to the project include Bibliotheque, Brighten the Corners, Stefan Gandl (NeubauBerlin), Alex Haigh (Thinkdust / HypeforType), Nick Hard (Research Studios), Jeff Knowles (Research Studios), Abbott Miller (Pentagram), Si Scott, Paul Skerm and last but not least Un.titled.

Massimo Vignelli Subway Map Uncovered

Massimo Vignelli said in a recent short documentary that “good design lasts longer” and its quite true. Although, without the preservation or relocation to a safe location, I’m not sure how much longer some of these works will last in the wild. It really is pleasant to see that gems like this subway map are still out there.

This map is at the 57 Street F station in New York City. Let’s just hope that the maintenance crew doesn’t come by and slap a Twilight poster over it.

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Leica Love Part 2

A few weeks ago I had symptoms of what I’m calling Leica love—it seems like a feverish desire more than anything. Stumbling upon these photos of a special edition M8 only intensified it. Check out how clear and sexy these product shots are.

While the camera is amazing, you’re dropping $8,500 on it and I would think that the packaging should be extend further rather than just the typical cardbox box with inserts. Perhaps a red velvet/suede lining in a completely metal case or something along those lines would be the way to go.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Also Leica, don’t hesitate to call if you need help designing the new packaging.

Images via Hypebeast

Swissair: Behind the Logos

Swiss Airlines has a rich history that has been hidden in the archives for quite some time. On March 26th, 1931 when Swissair formed, I doubt anyone at the time really considered the history that they were going to be making with the company’s design. Balair and Ad Astra were the two companies that merged to form Swissair. Throughout the years they’ve changed logos many times but there was one that was most memorable (above). Quite possibly it was the best logo that the company has ever used.

Thanks to SR692 for collecting this information so that we’re able to walk through past logos used by Swissair. Some great, some not so great and a few that were very, very experimental. Hit the jump to see how the company logo changed throughout the years.

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Experimental Jetset Presentation

Note: Skip to around 5 minutes in to bypass the outdated AIGA news

In addition to the Experimental Jetset Interview that Alex did a while back, this video should help reveal some more information about Experimental Jetset. The first time I watched the video I felt more of a connection to their work simply because I could see and hear their personality. Why?

More than once I’ve been informed of a new artists or designers but haven’t connected with them because I can’t see them talk about their work. Take David Carson as an example. During my first year at the Art Institute I heard his name once a day, five days a week and for the life of me, couldn’t see the value in his design. Now hold on here for a second, I know I’m not the only one (not trying to start a David Carson war here). Regardless my opinion has since changed. But not because I could finally comprehend his intentions. It was because when I watched a video of him speaking I started to see where he was coming from. It was almost as if seeing and hearing him talk let me see into his creative prism. Perhaps by his humor or perhaps because I could simply see him. Either way it helped me establish trust in what he was doing as a designer, or artist, whatever you might consider him to be.

Experimental Jetset didn’t need that trust or comprehension on my end. It was already there because I enjoyed their works and established an immediate connection to them. However, I still really enjoyed seeing Marieke and Danny share insight on their works. Part of it was realizing that these people that I look up to are human and part of it was that hearing those little insights into their creative process is very valuable and inspiring.

SwissAir Posters

Recently I’ve stumbled upon SR692—quite possibly the best collection of SwissAir collateral. It is definitely the biggest collection and had these gems stowed deep within. Most of these posters were came from the 50s to the 70s archives on the site. The few I’ve posted are very straight forward as you can see. Simply utilizing the generic airplane icon, a headline and the SwissAir logo—part of what makes these posters so unique.

Via Wanken

East Village Studio

Some of the most interesting homes aren’t those that are colossal. Take this East Village Studio in New York City for example. Sure its small apartment living but its also small, clean and minimal while having a warm, welcoming vibe. What more would you want in an apartment—besides an Eames chair.

I’m not sure about hiding my clothes in the stairs but at the point of creating a more spacious home it works. Is it just me or does this seem like an apartment that would be great for someone who’s a fan of Dieter Rams?