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Four Tet + Neon Indian + Solvent + 47.5

Posted by Jakub

Four Tet shares a new song which will be coming out on this Fabriclive mix, I think long time fans will be really happy with this one, sounds like something off Rounds.

Neon Indian hits us with another single from his upcoming album and gives it away for free, head here and type in DT7UUE to redeem. Now this song puts the album in contention for one of the top 10 electronic albums of 2011.

One of the main reasons I kept checking out more experimental electronic music was because of an old Solvent song, I feel like I always owe him because he made the journey a lot more enjoyable, here’s a new one on his own label Suction which has been revived.

I walked into a vintage shop in Williamsburg last month to look at these hand made pedals/synths and I shazamed (Shazam app on the iPhone) this song, it was nice revival of what was going on in the more interesting end of downtempo.

Kolombo+L Dragon+G Zebra+Neon Indian

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Total 12 is ready to go in 2 weeks, for anyone that has been following the Total series from Kompakt you’ll know that its always the compilation to check out no matter what style of music is trending, here’s a sneak peek of the intro track from Kolombo, its a must have for M83 or even those MFA fans, follow Kompakt on facebook to get more info on release plus other news from this legendary label.

I feel like Little Dragon might be inching towards Top 40 quickly and the first half of this song is pop radio ready but what really makes me appreciate them still is the synth sounds that aren’t typical in the second half, big changes for a band but the path feels right, good luck guys.

Gold Zebra, with a name like that I had to check them out because another color/animal band really makes anyones eyebrows rise these days….and i’m surprised how much I love them, They have the appeal of The xx but with more resonances.

I have a feeling this Neon Indian album will be in my top 5 favorite albums of the year but i’m not into this first single but you should still download it for free here.

Neon Indian+Moodymann+Kohncke+Field

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Neon Indian
I need to credit Scott for finding Neon Indian, I almost wrote it off because the name but one quick listen and I was hooked. The synths have this nice in and out sound and his singing stays in the perfect range, overall just a catchy experimental pop song, I hope to hear more from him.

I remember that Shades Of Jae was my first taste of actually obsessively seeking out a record, a friend of mine had doubles but didn’t want to part with either. The song is such a tease, it feels like its going to start up like 10 times but just goes back into the groove that doesn’t have a kick which really separates the house lovers and the fakers on a dance floor.

Disco tracks on Kompakt in the early 2000s? yes and it was a go to record if you had to DJ to a stiff crowd. If I didn’t have Muria by Metro Area or 2 after 909 some nights would get really long, these 2 always loosened everyone up with that huge swaying synth and warmed up Kraftwerk like sounding machines calculating.

One of the first songs I ever heard by The Field was A Paw In My Face and its still one of the best. Held together by a looping stutter of a Lionel Richie song and some octave changes I never know when you would turn it off because i’m such a fan of repetition, i’m going on 3 times in a row and I still want more.

Just saw some retweets of this Flying Lotus video i’ve never seen for Infinitum, enjoy.

Neon Indian – 6669


Moodymann – Shades of Jae


Justus Köhncke – 2 after 909


The Field – A Paw In My Face



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Cover art: Jon Hopkins - Insides

Warp Records new signing Gonjasufi has a noticeable mindset that is screw whats trending i’m going to make something special that is my sound. With the soul filled song Duet he does wonderful additions/effects that sets him apart from just a one genre track. I personally love the effected guitar and the vocal echo, it really makes me want the song not to end.

New single from Neon Indian, I saw him this weekend perform live, he’s a rock star already, the whole package to entertain live and if he makes more music like this then he’ll definitely outlast the sound he leads. In Sleep Paralysist I hear abit of Human League and spot on synth melodies being layered, definitely a nice teaser for anything new he’s brewing up.

I found The Advisory Circle by just scrolling thru eMusic, its nothing new but nothing that’s broken either. Sometimes its nice to hear calming synth solos for a couple minutes, perfect for a quick daydream in the middle of the work day.

Jon Hopkins’ Light Through The Veins is the lighter side of even what M83 makes on his happiest days in the studio, it certainly has a cinematic sound especially the way the song ends. I’m just more of a fan of the build and layering I guess but the song gets a bit too long.

NeonIndian+GrizBear+PaulWhite+ MtKimbie

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Neon Indian
Neon Indian probably gets played once a day in my room in some form of an original, remix and now a live version for Daytrotter. His band sounds great to me, hopefully we get some of these 80s TV field recording samples live when he comes to Brooklyn.

Grizzly Bear + Neon Indian + …I think I hear a Madonna sample in the intro = amazing

Another strong FREE LP from Paul White! The man is on a roll, beening loving these 2 LPs.

Mount Kimbie are promising some young lads, they take unique production to a new level for Dubstep or whatever else this kind of music is. There is a ton to listen to which makes replaying songs that much more enjoyable.

Neon Indian – Should Have Taken Acid With You (LIVE) – N/A


Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader (Neon Indian ‘Studio 6669’ Remix)- N/A


Paul White – A Quiet Place


Mount Kimbie – At least


Simon Scott+Pogo+Lauren Flax+N. Indian

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Simon Scott - Navigare
Simon Scott of Slowdive and Televise keeps the beauty from the guitar coming with his new album on the Miasmah record label. Miasmah’s discogs says “we want to make music for scenes and places” and this song Introduction of Cambridge does just that, what a wonderful way to start an album or even your evening.

I don’t know much about Pogo, I have this feeling that someone cut up and slowed down Passion Pit, Empire of the Sun, The Avalanches and a Disney movie to make it, pretty enjoyable idea for a song.

An original Detroit DJ now Brooklyn friend Lauren Flax is making bigger moves into production. Her single You’ve Changed that came out in June just dropped some remixes, I still like the original the most but this remix definitely caught my ear.

I know this is like the 3rd Neon Indian song i’ve posted in the last month but the album just went on sale today and i’ve loved it but I never had this song, probably because he sampled Pineapples, how are you gonna sample Pineapple’s without pissing off every Italo Disco fan ever, I hope this guy knows what he just did, good luck legal department:

Pineapples – Come On Closer

Simon Scott – Introduction of Cambridge


Pogo – Alice


Lauren Flax – You’ve Changed (feat. Sia) [Kill the Rocket’s Slam Dance Remix]


Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms



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Roosevelt reminds me of chillwave without the lo-fi ala Washed Out & Toro Y Moi, but it goes beyond song writing skills, he knows his production well, he’s the perfect hybrid of how survive and what to make post Neon Indian, did you catch all my name drops?

Mirror Kisses sticks to his guns, keeps perfecting the sound he loves, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Fujimoto Tetsuro fuses together that Sepalcure sound with that beauty of glitch done soo damn right, its funk its light its something refreshing.

Mark Fell’s new project for Editions Mego takes diva vocals into a future dark world being rained down on by icy thin harpoons from digital synths, has that Detroit flavor I love.