Gold Panda+Simple Minds+DJ KO+The Bug

Posted by Jakub

Gold Panda - Quitters Raga
Gold Panda has been a busy remixer but finally got the chance to release original material. His efforts on Quitters Raga has a very current feel which isn’t bad to have, definitely has some unique world music sampling and mash up of tons of jerky editing in the sequencing of it, i’d maybe put it on a mix tape for a friend that needs something refreshing to listen to while they travel off into a hot destination.

Benjamin Curtis of Secret Machines and School of Seven Bells highly suggested Simple Minds to me one night weeks ago, I think I grabbed the wrong album but hey I definitely rediscovered and found some hits, gonna dig deeper now.

I love playing this DJ KO song for friends because of 2 reasons: A. its the only Talib Kweli song I have and everyone seems to love him so it always goes over well B. puts a smile on everyones face that hears it or they just always somehow start rapping along knowing every word.

This might be my favorite Dubstep track of all time, when I hear it I just want to open my window at my apartment and stick my head out and invite people over to dance around inside to it but obviously after the song is over everyone would need to leave quickly but during the song i’d be very friendly to the strangers in my apartment.

p.s. Sorry Scott for posting a triangle hipster cover on the blog, it was that or a bug holding a skull and I can’t even explain how bad the Simple Minds cover is.

Gold Panda – Quitters Raga


Simple Minds – Someone Somewhere In Summertime


DJ KO – Someday feat. Torae, John Robinson, Talib Kweli & Tiffany Paige


The Bug, Killa P & Flowdan


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janice says:

August 26, 2009 at 1:28 am

Quite surprised to see Simple Minds on here especially from this period. New Gold Dream was probably their last album i bought before they adopted, in my opinion an Americanised big anthemic U2 style sound.
Prior to this though they had a more experimental electronic sound, try Empires and Dance or Sons and Fascination or even their first album Life In A Day and i reckon you’ll find a few gems.
BTW…their album artwork was also considerably more creative in those earlier days too.


Sam says:

August 26, 2009 at 7:29 am

New Gold Dream is my fave as well. The production is like getting punched softly through a gold lamé sheet. In the best possible way.


koneyn says:

August 26, 2009 at 8:07 am

Woops, sorry Jakub, now I see you already wrote an explanation on triangle. Anyway, The Bug sounds really interesting (that’s grime, not dubstep, though – it’s the same thing but with Caribbean rapping over, lol)


cmh says:

August 27, 2009 at 6:42 am

New Gold Dream is SimpleMinds masterpiece. A reviewer once described is a “soundtrack for heaven” and it really is. A wonderful summer day captured perfectly on vinyl. Almost every song is flawless… a truly rare occurrence. This was back in the day when production had the stamp of the producer all over it. Steve Lillywhite did an amazing job. He also did peter gabriel’s Melt among many others.

If I had entree to any producer I wanted I’d shoot for lillywhite, lanois, or eno as my top three.