Siggi Odds

Posted by Alex

Icelandic artist Siggi Odds is amazing. I think it’s great that he takes time to describe a little background for his projects — each description is perfectly concise and provides just enough context for a better understanding of his artistic choices. Not to mention the work is terrific. I would love to see what he’s been working on recently — if his older work is any indication, he is probably doing some pretty incredible design. Keep an eye out for updates on his site. Hopefully see something new soon!

via The Strange Attractor

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ser says:

August 26, 2009 at 10:34 am

hello. sorry guys i’am not english. what are those black/silver clippers called properly that they used to hang the posters? as i understand they are used to put it on the wall (how exaclty?) and you would also clip two at the bottom so the poster wouldn’t roll inside itself? correct? i need a few of those now but i can’t find how they are called properly.