Au Café Du Commerce

Posted by Scott

Caught this on FFFFOUND yesterday.  Loving this design but lacking much information on it. I really like FFFFOUND but they are sometimes bad about citing sources so it’s hard to find the origins of the work they post. At any rate, this is a very nice print, anyone have any more info on it?

UPDATE: Via Aurélia in the coments.  This is the work of FRÉDÉRIC TACER who, according to his website, is a 22 year old design student at National College of Arts and Design Olivier de Serres in Paris. Looks like Frederic has a pretty good start, this certainly doesn’t look like the work of a student, more like a seasoned vet.

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pauL e. says:

February 8, 2008 at 5:38 pm

i cant read french but i found the image and did a translation. it looks it came from a contest for parisian students. it looks like a beautiful restaurant and hotel too. good times last night. speaking of beautiful. kyoka? are you kidding me?

Exposure: Results of the 2nd contest of posters For the second consecutive year, Étienne Guerraud and all the team of the Coffee Commercial invite you to discover the projects of posters realized by (talented the) student ones of two Parisian schools, the École Nationale Supérieure Olivier de Serres/Ensaama (63-65 street Olivier de Serres, Paris 15e) and the ESAG/Penninghen (31, street of the Dragon, Paris 6th).