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Joakim is back and he brought the computer vocal speak n’ say with him and I gotta say he makes it work. If this came out earlier this year I would of counted this as one of my top “Hangin’ in my room summer jams”.

Lets say David Byrne and Sun Ra had to make a soundtrack for a film featuring Jacques Cousteau and Serge Gainsbourg spending time in Detroit, MI diving in old sunken ocean liners on the bottom of Lake Erie and walking thru abandon buildings in the day and at night they live it up in Denmark’s port bars planning out the most luxurious submarine ever, thats what I see when I hear this song by Seth Troxler and Matthew Dear.

The label DFA is on a tear, I mean its like a 12″ release every week and an album every month, i’m not complaining i’m just impressed. I wasn’t too big of a fan of earlier YACHT but with this album everywhere this week and solid art direction I had to give it another chance and i’m happy I did. Think if The Slits had to adjust their sound to play a Goth bar one night, that actually sounds like something I want to hear and Yacht did that here in this song.

Metric is the girl from Broken Social Scene right? wow what a change, she’s going for YYY’s status i’m guessing, I definitely have a thing for the intro of this song, it kind of reminds me of Bloc Party.

Joakim – Love & Romance & A Special Person


Seth Troxler & Matthew Dear – Hurt


Yacht – Summer Song


Metric – Help I’m Alive


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ledady says:

July 29, 2009 at 3:20 pm

emily haynes, you mean you don’t know OF her… every hipster post teen canadian male want to have sex with her (so do their dady)… last time I saw her, she was rocking a velvet tennis outfit for the concert, pretty darn cool. SHe is a good live act. Part of that BSS, Queen Street, Peaches, Feist circle.


your pal terry says:

July 29, 2009 at 3:42 pm

as the above posters have pointed out, yes, emily haines is formerly of bss, and is indeed eminently f-able. that being said, she should’ve stuck with ’em, ’cause metric sucks. imo, of course. related note – bss is in the studio. hooray!

matt’s vocal on seth’s track is great. i’m loving this.

finally, while i’m a huge fan of your meandering, free associative approach to describing music, i’d be remiss if i didn’t point out that one isn’t likely to find an ocean liner on the bottom of lake erie, seein’ as how, y’know, it’s a lake…

oh, nevermind that finally above, these are my real final words: that black on black 77 tee is quite fine. i can’t wait to steal it from the internet.


Tamara 3@1 says:

April 14, 2010 at 11:30 pm

Joakim rocks! That album cover is downright crazy, nice and pshycedlic in a manga kinda way….

Now as for your description…..well I never. You do have quite an interesting way with words, but I do get it! Luxury submarines….hmmmm……

Thanks for the tracks, peace out until next time.