Mike Cina: Spirit Edit Jazz Mix

Posted by Scott

Grain Edit has posted up a very nice Jazz mix by Mike Cina along with a short interview on his thoughts about record collecting and music. It’s always nice to hear what other designers are listening to and being influenced by; it often brings more clarity to my understanding of their work.

Mike also contributed the custom mix cover you see above and some shots of the album covers for the songs included in the mix (a few are shown below). You can check out the interview and download the mix here.


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Alex / HeadUp says:

July 13, 2009 at 5:56 pm

Great choice to post this, I was actually going to post this on Blog.H34 later in the month…wonderful, wonderful mix. Mahhhhvelous mix. Stupendous mix.

It starts off light, easy and slow, and builds up, capturing a lot of great tunes along the way. The original interview on Grain Edit was really interesting too, Mike Cina is aware of all kinds of great jazz album covers outside of the famous Blue Note covers of Reid Miles and Francis Wolff (idols of mine), so it helps expand one’s perspective regarding just what was going on at that very special time in jazz history.