Layer Tennis At Noon! (PST)

Posted by Scott

I’ll be battling it out against Jason Koxvold in the Layer Tennis Playoffs today at 12 noon west coast time. See you all there! Link

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Scott says:

June 20, 2009 at 1:39 pm

you literally get 15 minutes…basically, you’re sitting there in a chat room with all the organizers and your opponent and also with an FTP client open to the transfer directory. once your opponent’s file is up (PSD, FLA, MOV, etc..) on the FTP, the timer starts. at the same time, they’re posting a rendered version to the site while the commentator is putting together the text portion. it’s all pretty crazy actually, and if you’re out of ideas, stressful. but in the case of an app crash (like I had on the last volley) you can usually get 5 extra minutes to try and recover since there’s usually some time left over from a previous volley that took less than 15 mins.