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Posted by Jakub

Lawrence - Teaser KOMPAKT 41
Lawrence makes techno poetry as Kompakt calls it and I couldn’t agree more, even if we go back to some of his recent releases the phrase still holds up. Teaser which was featured on his Teaser EP and on the Total 3 compilation on Kompakt has this great slow swing to it and sounds like a huge ship cuts thru a thick night fog while a young women on the ship smokes and speaks thru the song.

I never would of expect a label like Minus to put out something as sexy as this Geometry track, usually we get bouncey, distant, cold minimal techno from them and this track sounds like something Arab Strap or Colder would of made.

I don’t know anything about Tim Toh, I just got the song from a friend and once I heard it and let it play all the way thru I was pretty blown away on how many elements of different styles show up in the song that make it beautiful. The song One crosses over so many genres its unbelievable, a definite necessity for fans of Dial and old Traum releases.

New Go! Team remix of Black Moth Super Rainbow pretty and PBS-ish like an old Stereolab but more on the happy side.

Lawrence – Teaser


Run Stop Restore – Geometry


Tim Toh – One


BMSR – Twin of Myself (Go! Team Remix)


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barry says:

June 16, 2009 at 12:50 pm

that lawrence ep is my favourtie stuff from him. that and swap on ladomat.

tim toh has some great stuff on philpot, just rediscovered some of my older philpot records, the first break sl release with ‘trombone’ is kiler deep tripped out house. check it out!


carl says:

June 16, 2009 at 1:08 pm

that run stop restore track makes me think of the new louderbach material minus has been promoting lately. for all of the interchangeable mnml they’ve put out over the past couple years, they’re on a great tip here lately!