CVJ + Noze + Holy Ghost + Trus’me

Posted by Jakub

Casino vs Japan
I love the concept behind this release of Casino Versus Japan and Freescha, a split EP with a couple tracks from each artist on a CD. I think more artist should be open to this idea, Daedelus recently started a label that is doing this called Friends of Friends and it looks very promising, also on a side note did everyone know that Freescha did a song for Britney Spears called Heaven on Earth??

I’ve been really impressed with tracks by Nôze, their remix of Franz Ferdinand is a simple yet very effective track for the dancefloor. The combination of that flute, synth and tambourine make me actually like this Franz Ferdinand song.

I wonder who picks the remixers for Moby? Do you think he does? I know he djs a lot in New York but does he play this kind of music? Well this Holy Ghost! remix and the recent Apparat remix are some top choices, i’ll post the Apparat one next week, this one you can add to your weekend night out mix even though its a bit older.

If any of you are in town this Saturday i’ll be djing with Trus’me and Worst Friends at some Circus/Performing Art/craziness at S.L.A.M. Warehouse, i’ve posted a track of Trus’me before awhile back in October, I might like this Drilling track even more now.

Casino Versus Japan – Come Along, Do


Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls (Noze Remix)


Moby – I Love To Move In Here (Holy Ghost! Remix)


Trus’me – Drilling


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Nitzan says:

June 13, 2009 at 12:27 am

Super tracks.I like the compilation idea too but it is often not in the labels interest.. re:Moby , he probably picks his own remixes, hell he still does the obscure DJ gigs(e.g. Phonica/London in-store gig)


joey says:

June 13, 2009 at 3:17 am

when i entered my comment, the track stopped playing. why would your programmer think that entering a comment = desire to stop hearing music?! i want my money back!!


adriana says:

June 13, 2009 at 9:34 am

Myyyyy god. I love casino versus japan. when i first heard whole numbers play the basic with really nice headphones, I listened to it five times seamlessly.

Everytime I get on this blog, I am always amazed by you men.