Pin-Up Girls In Stereo

Posted by Scott

These pin-ups are from the amazing Vintage Knob collection. There’s plenty more of these to see over there along with the more basic fare: close-ups of audio/visual equipment sans hot girls. That Marconi one up there is the best thing I’ve seen in a while; wall size print coming up as soon as they deliver the 9900. Seeing stuff like this always gives me mixed feelings. It just reminds me of the wealth of beautiful images out there that are just lost to time. Can you imagine being able to get the original negatives to these shots and do serious enlargements? It’s nice that sites like The Vintage Knob are making these available in some form, but 72dpi Jpegs just don’t cut it for print output.

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axel says:

September 14, 2010 at 5:07 am


Thanks for the nice comments about TVK !

The new version of it is now online (sans PinUps yet) but it does allow to zoom in images.
Paying members get high-res versions, up to 4000px.

There are many many nice (and naive, non-Photoshopped) images around that subject but getting the original Ektas is a lost battle : all of this went the way of trash a long time ago. Brands today have no archives anymore either.

Some of the original scans (not those online) are quite big (720dpi @ 200%), made from original documents that are generally A4 or 2x A4 in size.
Quite often nnough to make posters :)