Arctic Survival

Posted by Alex


Hopefully won’t be needing either of these anytime soon, but with a cover like that, I’d take the Arctic one around with me regardless. Both survival manuals, along with a desert and jungle version, are up over at things magazine. You can even read the entire book if you think you might find yourself in an ice or sea related predicament.

Conserve your energy. Do not rush around aimlessly. Avoid fatigue. Get plenty of sleep. If you cannot sleep, just lie down and relax your body and mind. You will not freeze to death unless you are utterly exhausted. (link)

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Kevin says:

April 17, 2009 at 8:13 am

these are great. i love the “about the motor car” book and the picture detailing the knobs and switches, and in the picture, they point out the ashtray just so the kids know where it is. totally awesome…..