Adelaide videos by Ryan Jeffery

Posted by Jakub

You may have seen Ryan Jeffery’s name on the blog before, he did the Benoit Pioulard video about a year ago. I first met Ryan when he did live visuals for Adelaide, he floored me, not only was the band amazing but the visuals that Ryan put together couldn’t of been done more perfectly. Ryan is the real deal, he would have about 3 mic stands around him and would have the top bar sitting horizontal that held about 80+ looped pieces of 8mm film each taped together separately making it look like he was surround by 80+ fastened thin belts. He then had 2 vintage projectors that sat side by side and pointed in the same spot on the screen that sat behind the band. What set him apart from any visual show was that he layered the 2 projections and would slowly fade in and out live and did his damnedest to sync his visuals with the music while changing the 8mm film live like a mad man. It was pure genius and I still to this day couldn’t believe his dedication to the minute by minute work he put in for every show. To explain how breathe taking the show was I one time saw Adelaide play in Lansing, MI a few years back and they played a show that had 9 bands playing that night but all of them were hardcore bands besides Adelaide, I stood their with the band and most of us had some kind of western shirt on or a plain tee but every single other person I swear had a black hoodie waiting to mosh and once Adelaide started and Ryan had the visuals going each and every kid sat down in that building indian style like 1st graders and watched them play each song, I couldn’t believe it.

I really had to dig for these videos and figure out how to convert them so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, I hope Ryan doesn’t mind that I grabbed them off a DVD that he gave years ago, maybe if enough of us fall in love with them he’ll let us keep them up.

Adelaide – Bombadiers

Adelaide – Bombadiers from Moodgadget on Vimeo.

Adelaide – Entrance

Adelaide – Entrance from Moodgadget on Vimeo.

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NAVIS says:

March 16, 2009 at 12:04 am

To be perfectly honest, those videos would be even better without the music. They’re just simply gorgeous. When I watched them, all I wanted to do was compose my own musical score in my head. The second one I just wish there were gusts of wind blowing as the sound track. The music is great but these videos would be even more unique sans the music.

Loved the way you described his madness at the show.

And Jeff – keep the videos up. They’re effin’ superb.

What would actually be amazing is to see these up on a huge screen at an old school drive in.


Mark says:

March 16, 2009 at 6:29 am

WOW! Maybe I’m a little behind, but this is the first I’ve heard of Adelaide. These two songs are amazing! Where can I get/see more of them?


Garvin says:

March 18, 2009 at 2:48 pm

You know you mentioned Bibio a few posts ago and I had had the Clark/Bibio remix of Ted through a suggestion off of a “If you like “x”, you’d LOVE “y” website sidebar, and they turned out to be phenomenal. Mind you, many of the songs from album to album sound similar on the surface, but others were definitely put on the work-music list. I’m headin to itunes for this group now.