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Bernard Fleischmann
These 3 songs by Bernhard Fleischmann, Wisp, and Departure Lounge are good examples of 3 completely different genres that I really wouldn’t know how to tag with a specific genre. Wisp on one hand sounds like he should be making all the fantasy video game music for any World of Warcraft game in 2010 specifically any epic winter levels. Bernhard Fleischmann sounds like a sped up Mum song that put the guitar and drums priority in the mixdown while Departure Lounge has more of a northern Midwest feel with layered finger picking and some gently placed feedback that’d probably drive a mastering guy nuts.

I’m not sure where I remember first seeing this La Serenissima video but it hit my nostalgia button right away, seems like the studio that drew the original G.I. Joe animated series must of done it, i’m not exactly sure though. I wish more cartoons we’re drawn like this, i’d probably watch them religiously.

Bernhard Fleischmann – Composure


Wisp – Where It Falls


Departure Lounge – Alone Again But…


Allegro Milano – La Serenissima


Allegro Milano – La Serenissima

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Renzo says:

February 26, 2009 at 3:47 am

He, he, he that was amazing, I mean the video clip for the last track, it’s been really ages since I saw it last time. I’m not entirely sure Rondò Veneziano still exists as a group.
It’s quite hillarious they used to have such a kitsch taste for matching XIIX’s century music (and imagery, they used to play all dressed up with tri-horn hats and wigs) with the contemporary taste. But what’s best in my opinion, is to see depicted landmarks of the Venetian skyline in a Miyazaki-like scenario.


Jay Williams says:

February 26, 2009 at 9:16 am

Thanks Jakub for the music selection. I really like the Wisp track, but I can’t seem to find available anywhere on any store. Do you happen to know where you get get that song?


rtificial says:

March 2, 2009 at 12:37 pm

Man I love wisp, especially his blissful fast paced IDM tracks. My heart litterally broke when sublight records went under and taking with it a lot of great albums. Wisp went and put just about his whole back catalog up for DL at one point. Glad he was picked up on Rephlex. Also if you dig him check out Gareth Clarke who was on sublight too and did stuff similar to him.