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Glenn Branca
My friend Danny passed on a Glenn Branca EP to me tonight, one that I didn’t have and we started talking about him. Glenn Branca seems to be the poster boy for all the experimental guitar bands that want to do something new these days but they don’t understand that they can’t repeat the past and pretend like their doing something groundbreaking. I don’t think anyone these days would be able to put out music similar to what Glenn Branca did during the time he was doing it, you’d only be doing it for the wrong reasons. This new wave of bands in the past 8 years or so are enjoyable but in my opinion just come off as “I need attention but don’t actually look at what i’m doing because i’m actually not creative at all”. Sadly these musicians today can buy their way into sounding and mainly looking like they have some talent. Walking up and down the streets of Brooklyn you can almost smell and see the fake talent, at first you can fall for it but then talking to more and more people you end up finding out they aren’t offering up anything pure or willing to potentially going mental to perfect their technic and sound. I just want people like Glenn Branca to get more credit because listing him off as an influence only is almost saying that your similar to him but you aren’t you actually have to take any of the time that you’re getting any attention and use it thank the originator.

Addled is half of Worst Friends and he loves his Boston Red Sox, sharing what great good house/techno records come out on Tuesdays, and most importantly making a variety of music. Recently he’s worked on music that was used in a Prada video and in the past he made some of the music for The New York Times. His first EP as Addled is one that follows the footsteps of James Holden and Paul Kalkbrenner but touches a new level of listening since its less clubby than both and is more on the deeper side and melodic side.

I feel like I post a lot of Paul Simon but really I don’t actually if anything I don’t post enough Paul Simon.

I always thought I liked Sam Prekop more than The Sea and Cake but then I listened to some more Sea and Cake and realized I was thinking crazy things. Whenever I have to deal with the rock guy that thinks electronic music is too repetitive than I just have to share with him The Sea and Cake and say Its not that you don’t like repetitiveness because obviously this is amazing, it’s just that the person doesn’t care for unique sounds or can fathom the idea a synth playing more parts than their are people on stage and that just ticks him right off.

Glenn Branca – Lesson No. 1 for Electric Guitar


Addled – Heartbreachno


Paul Simon – The Coast


The Sea and Cake – Weekend


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John Croson says:

February 19, 2009 at 5:46 am

Thanks for your post about Branca. I really like this type of experimental music, and if I may, it immediately reminds me of Adrian Belew ( or is it the other way around? ).

I also wonder if he studied with Robert Fripp and the Guitar Craft.


Your fat sister, Fatty says:

February 19, 2009 at 7:28 am

YAY dancing with our shoulders hunched to Can’t Run But (it always reminded me of bells) PAUL SIMON. By the way the font on the lesson no.1 album is used by the stop-motion film guy PEZ . . . thats all i think of when i look at that font now which is kind of sad.


Martin says:

February 19, 2009 at 9:18 am

If you like Addled, check out the amazing album ‘A Love Moderne’ by Swedish house artist UNAI (2006).


Blake Barton says:

February 19, 2009 at 10:04 am

For John Croson: I met Adrian Belew at a few restaurants here in Nashville. He lives just outside of town and he is SUPER friendly

The Sea and Cake: John McEntire, the drummer and one of the synth guys, is one of my favorite percussionists ever. His electronic work with Tortoise is breathtaking. Sam Prekop’s book Photgraphs included an electronic album that is his best work in my opinion (aside from his Sea and Cake work). Oh and then Archer Prewitt? Their other guitarist? His solo work is tremendous and honest as well.

Branca: If you like him check out all the stuff he has done with Thurston Moore. And then check out everything that Thurston Moore has participated in (especially “Original Silence” and “Sensitive/Lethal”