Minotaur Shock+Lapaglia+Wink+Webb

Posted by Jakub

Joe LapagliaMinotaur Shock at first never caught my ear because I skipped thru the songs too quickly but the meat and potatoes of “Luck Shield” makes me so disappointed in myself that I didn’t catch this song before. The song sounds like a collaboration between Mum, Calmer and Final Fantasy because of the gentle melodies, the jazzier drum at times and its heavy on the strings in the main parts.

Niagara Fall’s americana lo-fi folk artist Joe Lapalgia only has a 5 track EP under his belt but that doesn’t mean his sound isn’t mature, with hints of Red House Painters and Bon Iver on the Day Behind EP I definitely see a bright future for this young man.

If you’re listening to song after song on this post then jumping from lo-fi folk to tech-house sometimes might be a bit of a stretch especially on a Monday but Josh Wink is a definite veteran in making some of the catchiest dancefloor tracks.

I’m still trying to figure out this song that Andy Webb “blended”, is it pieces from different songs by each musician listed? if so, is the song title also pieces of song titles as well? either way it sounds like an extended Cut Copy remix in my opinion thats done really well but pretty much anything Erlend Oye is on is gold so good choice(s) Mr. Webb.

Minotaur Shock – Luck Shield


Joe Lapaglia – Birds Flew By


Josh Wink – Everybody to the Sun


The Whitest Boy Alive vs Mylo vs Cut Copy – Otto’s Golden Journey (Andy Webb’s Dreamy Blend)


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Ben says:

February 16, 2009 at 11:45 am

The Whitest Boy Alive melody kicks in at 1:34, gets used on the breakdown again around 4:11 – it’s from a track called “Golden Cage”. The main synth leads and textures are from a Mylo track called “Otto’s Journey”. Not sure where Cut Copy fits in, but it’s a short stretch to the song name from those parts…


Alex/HeadUp says:

February 16, 2009 at 12:42 pm

I love Minotaur Shock, my fav track of his is called Six Foolish Fisherman, which would make my roommates and I dance around the apartment like happy little gnomes whenever it came on. Maritime is a very compelling album, I also liked the song Local Violin Shop off his earlier release Chiff-Chaffs and Willow Warbles. His whole sound seems to paint a cool picture of these small, quaint British sea-side communities. I can definitely pick up on the content, almost childish undertones in stuff like this and Mum as you mentioned.