CR vs Munich 72

Posted by Scott

Interesting Cretive Review piece about Olympic Logos:
"With the enormous barrel of nastines currently being dumped all over the London 2012 logo, we wondered what the reception might have been for some of its predecessors had they been released today. What comments, for example, might the Herr in the strasse have come out with when confronted with design’s holiest of holies, the Munich 1972 logo?"
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If you read down to the bottom you’ll find this surprising bit of info:
"As we revealed here, the final 72 logo is not solely Otl Aicher’s design. Aicher had wanted to use a radiating sun (which was later put to good use by the German lottery) but it was deemed impossible to copyright. His design was put out to competition, the winning entry, as judged by a panel including Aicher, being Coordt von Mannstein’s (literal) twist on the original."

And on a side note the type is set in Univers, so nice.
Image via FFFFOUND!

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Damo says:

December 5, 2007 at 4:02 am

Yes would have to agree about the font type Univers…and almost surprising that this font is so underrated – I admire the concise kerning between the letters and numerals – visually appealing to watch along the word with each character – also the simplicity of black and white with cliche optical design – good stuff once again!


Alex / HeadUp says:

December 5, 2007 at 8:14 am

I was working on something last week involving the 72 olympics, possibly involving that year’s mascot, a Dachsund named “Waldi”

It didnt turn out right, then I was considering going for some stick figures in action (running, swimming, etc.), but never finished it. The composition didn’t really work for me either, as I tried to do it in multiple languages.

Maybe I should give it another go….


Alex / HeadUp says:

December 5, 2007 at 8:25 am

PS. here’s another artcile/exhibit website about Aicher’s work for the 72 summer games….MAN his stuff in mind-blowing!

They have prints from the exhibition too (kind of pricey at £50), but none of Aicher’s.

Finally, the link to the article Scott posted isn’t working for me…is it working for everyone else?