Slow Psychedelia on the up

Posted by Jakub


The more crowded the indie rock screen gets the shorter the attention span gets for fans of new music in that huge field of neo flower children and post crustpunk grungy squatters. So a lot of bands pop up just based on trend, some are easier to knock off then others take for instance that Surf Rock scene that popped up for 3 summers, a lot of just-ok came out of it but many of those bands have ditched that group of guitar pedals for new ones. The refurbished style that stretches over many genres and crowds is slow psychedelic rock with a twist. The freaks and meditative characters flourish here, 10 minute track? no problem maybe even do 22 minutes, it still fits on a side of a vinyl. If you need a short catch up, here are 3 that I have enjoyed and keep enjoying.

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