The Most Refreshing Musicians of 2014

Posted by Jakub

Photo by Moiré

Photo by Moiré

We have our staple artists for the year all over the internet in Caribou, Aphex Twin, FKA Twigs, Todd Terje, I mean the list goes on. I wanted to bring forward my most listened to artists that kept the year in music enjoyable that might have been overshadowed or they just have an exciting path that they’re on that I wanted to share.

Please list yours in the comments, love seeing the readers lists.

#10. Leon Vynehall

#9. Lee Bannon

#8. Sophie

#7. Huerco S.

#6. Yung Lean

#5. TIE: Mark Barrott & Young Marco

#4. Moiré

#3. Torn Hawk

#2. Daniel Avery

#1. Galcher Lustwerk

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Ajay says:

December 13, 2014 at 2:38 pm

Thank you for this list. Been on a dry spell for new music, stoked that I have these artists to groove to now.


Joey says:

December 14, 2014 at 9:29 pm

Thanks for the list Jakub! And wow, thank you for making me aware of the lush tropical perfection that is Mark Barrott’s “Sketches from an Island.” Here’s my list of the top ten most refreshing musicians of 2014:

10. Wave Racer – Love his ultra-colourful 64bit styled music. “Streamers” and his remix of “Ryan Must Be Destroyed” is quite the one-two punch.

9. Especia – This J-pop idol group is really unique, with a sound heavily inspired by vaporwave and 80’s city pop. Love these girls.

8. Cashmere Cat – His “Wedding Bells” EP that came out early this year is wonderful; such an elegant sound palette for such club-friendly music.

7. Spazzkid – Mark Redito continues to distinguish himself as a fine electro-pop songwriter. His new track “Daytime Disco” with my fave K-Pop songstress Neon Bunny is sublime.

6. Ulzzang Pistol – Taking influence from all sorts of asian pop music, Ulzzang Pistol produces very dreamy music and I love his voice as well. He collabs with a lot of cool singers as well. His album “Girlfriend” was highly personal and it glows with the joy and pain of youthful love.

5. Pa’s Lam System – This Japanese electronic trio specializes in some of the most infectious jersey club jams I’ve heard. “I’m Coming” was THE jam this summer and I love it dearly.

4. Eleventeen Eston – I had to cop the “Delta Horizon” cassette. This set of gauzy soft rock gems is a beauty.

3. Mitch Murder – He’s gotta be my favorite synthwave/80’s electronic producer. “Interceptor” is a crystalline, utopian view of 80’s culture and music. So melodic and upbeat.

2. Tomggg – One of my favorite Japanese electronic discoveries this year. Tomggg’s maximalist music is undeniably cute. At the core is a tremendous sense of harmony and melody. He dropped a number of cool remixes and singles this year, even a cover of The Beatles “Hello, Goodbye”. Lovely music.

1. Meishi Smile – Garrett Yim created my personal favorite album of the year “LUST.” What an emotionally profound album…you can feel the heartache and euphoria in each melody. Meishi Smile’s sound grabs the most poignant elements of shoegaze and noise music and combines it with the shimmering melodies of J-Pop and trance. What more can I say: I love this album!


Artyom V.M. says:

December 23, 2014 at 7:41 am

Thank you so much for sharing the Galcher Lustwerk mix, It went right to my heart, makes me feel at home once again.