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Will Wiesenfeld who is better known as Baths released a stunner today under his acoustic alias Geotic. I was completely floored when I got to Vibrant Blues and Greens, I don’t think I can choose a favorite, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

First in a series of full-length Geotic releases under the Eon Isle header, each release sourced entirely from a single instrument.

Morning Shore
Guitar — (Summer 2014)

Sunset Mountain
Voice — (Fall 2014)

Evening Sky
Piano — (Winter 2014-2015)
released 14 July 2014

Will Wiesenfeld

Guitar recorded at Meg and Campbell Logan’s house in Malibu, California. Final editing done at home.

Cover Painting by Jude Wiesenfeld.


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Cristian says:

July 15, 2014 at 10:40 am

Hehe, Bibio also came into mind upon the first listening. “In So Little Clothing” is the stand-out track for me.

Thanks for sharing, Jakub!


Collective says:

July 15, 2014 at 12:25 pm

Lovely stuff. So calming and textured.

Like Dean says, Bibioesque, but with a distinctly Baths’ influence, too.

An album I’ll listen to while walking through a lush forest on a beautiful afternoon, listening to the subtle chirps of birds as the sun randomly tries to break through the forest canopy in a golden glow.

Thank-you, Will! This is precious.