Caustic Window 1994 Unreleased Album

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Finally had some time to settle down and dive into this Caustic Window LP, the great thing about it that I noticed right away was how quickly my music life flashed before my eyes and I calmly ended back up at the record store I bought my first Aphex Twin LP. I’ll just shut up and let you listen, for some this is still a sacred moment.

Back in 1994, there were plans of releasing a full LP of music from Richard D. James, aka The Aphex Twin, under his “Caustic Window” moniker on his own label, Rephlex Records.

This album unfortunately never saw the light of day until around 1999, when Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq) granted a rare interview with the Aphex Twin fansite, (no longer active). In the interview, Mike described the tracks in detail, and went on to explain that only 4 people at the time were known to have a vinyl test pressing of the album – Richard James, Chris Jeffs (aka Cylob), Grant Wilson-Claridge (co-founder of Rephlex Records) and Mike himself. Each person was sworn to never make copies of the music, and for 20 years, not a single track had ever been commercially released (with the exception of two tracks that appeared on compilations).

Until now.

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Anonymous says:

June 18, 2014 at 8:46 pm

great stuff mr.james!

unrelated, but jakub will there be a new summer playlist? :P