Clu + Bibio + Hatchback + Jorge Elbrose

Posted by Jakub


I don’t have much info on Dublin producer Clu but i’m really intrigued and want to hear more. It’s like a light beer version of Lone.

New Bibio coming in January 2014, everyone please settle down! PRE-ORDERS at Bleep.

**Can’t stop listening to that Bibio track, ok………..once more and then i’ll keep writing.

Hatchback dubs out an old favorite of mine, chops off about 10 minutes from the original, let that winter beard grow.

Sorry to switch gears here but wait its worth your time. We all need some lo-fi soft grunge/gaze to clear the palette.

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adm says:

December 6, 2013 at 3:06 am

I also got lost in repeatedly listening to”dye the water green” recently. I’m really looking forward to the new ep.

On another note; I wish Com Truise had a visual pairing like Clu, his Miami vice YouTube clips Work so well with his music and it would take his live performances to the next level


Owen says:

December 6, 2013 at 6:11 pm

Adore that new Bibio track to, Jakub. His talent for painting a beautiful landscape of some distant reality tugs at my heart strings. Vocals seem to play more of a role in recent work, and I’m actually liking it a lot more on this track than I ever have. Stoked on the upcoming EP, just as I am for new work from Mr. Truise.