New Son Lux: Lost it to Trying

Posted by Navis

Son Lux (aka: Ryan Lott) has just released his newest video for his upcoming album Laterns. I had the honor to work with Ryan to create new photos for this album (top photo of post with all the hands is an example. The rest are here).

The video and the three other images that are stills from the video were created by the dark minded mastermind Anthony Ciannamea.

Available for download on iTunes.

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Baby Kickz says:

November 14, 2013 at 12:57 pm

This is such a cool sound to it. It’s a shame when all you hear being researched is Miley Cyrus or Jessica Simpson. We need to flip the tables around and do a 180 where this is the mainstream everyone is talking about, and all the bubblegum is on the underground sidewalk, where it should be.