Top 5 Overlooked Albums of 2013: #4

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Lawrence has been a favorite of mine over the last 10 years creating structure to the mellow melodic end of Detroit techno. He has stayed true to himself and his sound so the quality of music runs deep in his catalog. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED album.

Almost a decade after his last Dial Records album, after an enormous amount of releases on labels like Pampa, Mule Musiq, Ghostly International, Kompakt, Styrax, and many more, Lawrence continues with a wonderful selection of extraterrestrial dance music: Films & Windows. From the first sparkle to the last whisper, this album is dedicated to “Angels at Night.” As the album title suggests, Lawrence as a cineaste and voyeur is inspired by an endless number of screened movies and real-life films — some only appearing while watching landscapes, stars and people passing by in front of a train window. While wondering at moments like this, strange ideas and colorful sounds occur inside the mind of the musician. The ideal approach would be to transfer these ideas into music without any norms or rules — but there is the club and it was always there. So no matter where Films & Windows started, it should always arrive at the dancefloor with frenzied people and other addicts of the outer-world’s soul. For over 20 years, clubs and nights out at places such as the Front, the ’90s WMF, Golden Pudel Club, Click, Sud Electronic, Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, Smallville, Yellow, Precious Hall, etc., have been at the center of Lawrence’s universe. House music, techno, alien-funk, the unheard, the unseen — it is all magic everywhere.


Also, he runs one of the most well branded record shops in the world in Hamburg called Smallville.


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Anonymous says:

October 28, 2013 at 10:01 am

I dont no much about the music scene about America since im from Germany but Lawrence’s films and windows or miles fainthearted were both big deals over here, and were praised in most music mags available (you even got films and windows as a present if you got an abo of groove mag) please check out the whole smallville crew, especially people like chrisopher rau. moomin or juniper and arnaldo never cease to amaze me againa and again, same goes for Miles, demdike and the new (old) wave of industrial/punk/noise influenced techno (regis, function, sandwell district, andy stott etc…) Sorry for the bad spelling and grammar!
heres my list:

//Top 5 ‘REALLY OVERLOOKED’ albums of 2013//

Varg – Misantropen (Northern Electronics)

Felix K – Flower Of Destruction (Hidden Hawaii)

Stanislav Tolkachev – Depth Of Light (M_REC LTD)

Blondes – Swisher (Rvng Intl.)

Dj Sprinkles – Queerifications And Ruins (Mule Musiq)

Special Mentions:
Steven Tang – Disconnect To Connect (Smallville)
Photodementia – Fig 04 (Photodementia/Rephlex)
Benjamin Brunn – Live At Golden Pudel Club (Pudel Produkte)