Paul Rudolph Sketches + Efdemin Mix

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Its hard to pick a favorite Paul Rudolph image, i’m just soo inspired every time I look his sketches, i’ve actually decided to get one tattooed on me.

Below is a Fact mix that i’ve been going back to, really solid and thought though, not just a bunch favorites slapped together, that seems to be the Dial way.

1. Raymond Scott – Country Fair (Instrumental)
2. Dj Sotofett – Asa Med
3. Anthony Shake Shakir – Frayed
4. Perception – Abandoned Building In Mono
5. Max/Ernst – 7Klick1
5. Steevio – Ty (Deep Mix)
6. Furthr – Enta (enypnion)
7. DJ Qu – Times Like This
8. Black Jazz Consortium – Be And Not Know Why (feat. Christina Wheeler)
9. STL – Paku Paku
10. Jason Fine – Conical
11. Delroy Edwards – 4 Club Use Only
12. Ra. H – Spacepops
13. Gherkin Jerks – Midi Beats
14. Vakula – 41600
15. Delano Smith – Invitation Only (Reconstructed by Tobias.)
16. M-Core – Be Gene
17. Parallel 9 – Dominus
18. Echoplex – Soleil
19. tvhosten – Swinger EP
20. Acid Jesus – Radium
21. Lucy – Finegan (Pariah Rmx)
22. MLZ – One State
23. Jeroen – Axis
24. D5 – Run
25. Mark Ambrose – Bellringers
26. Phuture – Rise From Your Grave
27. Dream 2 Science – Dream 2 Science

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Beebo says:

July 26, 2013 at 7:50 pm

Paul Rudolph designed the campus and buildings where I went to school at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. True story.


neilson says:

July 27, 2013 at 8:12 am

the second image shows what would have been the western expanse of the lower manhattan expressway (LOMEX).

LOMEX was a re-visioning of manhattan on a massive scale; a ten lane highway that would have levelled SoHo, little itlay and most of the LES. connecting the holland tunnel to the willaimsburg and manhattan bridges.

…long story short, the project and it’s subsequent successful opposition is a thing of legend in urban planning circles.

here’s a scale model of LOMEX in it’s entirety from a show at the cooper union:


David says:

July 28, 2013 at 3:42 pm

I’m moving into the boathouse… I wish! Fantastic drawings – thanks for posting, will be investigating further…