100 Minutes – Loscil remixed

Posted by Jakub


Not too long ago Loscil scored an app called Hundreds for the iOS. Recently he reached out and had musicians remix 100 minutes for the song Second Narrow in the app, this is the collection of them on one player. To support Loscil, head to his bandcamp where he has plenty of wonderful releases exclusive to that shop only.

1. Second Narrows – Fieldhead Version 03:46
2. Second Narrows – Benoît Pioulard Version 05:38
3. Second Narrows – Strategy Version 04:38
4. Second Narrows – The Sight Below Version 09:12
5. Second Narrows – Safety Scissors Version 04:46
6. Second Narrows – Loscil Trailer Version 05:17
7. Second Narrows – Kane Ikin Version 08:16
8. Second Narrows – Ethernet Version 08:55
9. Second Narrows – Specta Ciera Version 03:34
10. Second Narrows – Heathered Pearls Version 04:48
11. Second Narrows – Shigeto Version 06:18
12. Second Narrows – connect_icut Version 06:41
13. Second Narrows – Sun Hammer Version 04:11
14. Second Narrows – Marcus Fischer Version 09:58
15. Second Narrows – Chris Herbert Version 06:30
16. Second Narrows – Pleq Version 07:23

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