Mount Kimbie + Wildarms + Maclean + Coma

Posted by Jakub


Mount Kimbie has always made an effort to make weird attractive to the ear, with their new single Made To Stray off their upcoming LP. They invert the pop angle by slow pairing odd hisses and filters in the intro to getting to the soft hooky vocal at the end.

Cascine have done a great job finding remixers for their artists and this one for Wildarms’ Clear Eyes EP is no exception. Octo Octa carries out a intricate and warm dub rework that hints at the sounds that made labels like Dial what they are today.

There was only 75 made copies of this vinyl and I had 2 in my shopping cart, i’m talking about this new single from The Juan MacLean, for some reason I didn’t press buy quick enough and waited too long, still kicking myself for that one.

The smooth and catchy beauty is coming back to Kompakt and I couldn’t be happier, they led the way of making techno attractive back in the day, so glad Coma is getting the love they deserve for this new single.

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April 15, 2013 at 8:21 am

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