Essay + Dark Sky + Xander Harris + Barfod

Posted by Jakub


I wish wobbly wasn’t ruined by Dubstep as an adjective to describe something in music. This Essay track has some solid relisten potential, also like a Com Truise track striped down and in a higher octave.

What great beginnings for the new Mister Saturday Night label, the clips for their new signing Dark Sky have really stuck with me definitely picking this one up, tracks 1 and 4 are favorites.

Some New Age dark vibes coming from Xander Harris, soo happy this music is getting bigger, its a genre thats really explores soft synths and i’m hoping that actually gets some of these guys out of their bedrooms and booked in venues for shows.

Sort of an older one from Tomas Barfod but it popped up and I had to share it, it could have been a dancefloor dub with one more edit but it might have too much downtime, still in love.

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patrick says:

March 19, 2013 at 7:51 pm

great tracks all around once again. Definitely a feel going on that grooves on a down tempo house atmosphere. I can dig.