Die Neue Gesellschaft ’74

Posted by Scott

die-neue-gesell.jpg Die Neue Gesellschaft issues 7-12, 1974. This was a German political magazine art directed by Helmut Schmid. These scans were obtained by AisleOne through the curators of Schmid’s work. I love the color coding, apparently this design continued through 1981, would love to see the full spectrum of covers. There’s some more info over at AisleOne and some larger scans at their Flickr page. If I was German I think I would spend most of my weekends digging through my parent’s house for stuff like this.

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Daniel Carvalho says:

December 9, 2008 at 8:47 am

Lovely, strong.

Seen the new website by AisleOne on Grid Systems? Must say I’m loving it, as well as that magazine, it’s great to see science and systems to what you would normally do innately. God has made the world interesting by placing these fascinating mysteries we are discovering and perfecting as time passes. It’s like traces of a creator embedded into our being.

Super cool.