Exclusive Stream Benoit Pioulard: Hymnal

Posted by Jakub


We’re honored to be able to share Benoit Pioulard’s new album Hymnal on its day of release, he is probably the blogs most written about and loved artist for many years. Let this one play in full, my highlights include: Reliquary, Excave, Margins and Litiya. Enjoy.

01/ Mercy
02/ Hawkeye
03/ Reliquary
04/ Homily
05/ Excave
06/ Gospel
07/ Florid
08/ Margin
09/ Censer
10/ Litiya
11/ Knell
12/ Foxtail

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Antique Log says:

April 15, 2013 at 6:11 pm

Your position on a exclusive stream conforms to that of other authors I encountered, which makes me wonder whether this consencus in pulic opinion signifies the beginning of a new way of thinking. Thanks for your nice post. Nice work Jakub.