Wireframe Lamborghini

Posted by Scott

Benedict-Radcliff-Lamborghini-Countach.jpg medium_3073951975_4132270957_o.jpgmedium_3074787688_957e387c98_o.jpg medium_3073953213_48898e16aa_o.jpgmedium_3074788768_de1e743bfa_o.jpgThis is for all the 3D artists out there. It’s hard to tell from some of the photos, but what you’re seeing is a real model and not a computer generated wireframe. Benedict Radcliffe crafted this model of Lamborghini’s iconic Countach supercar from steel tubing. It’s incredibly detailed, right down to the Pirelli text on the tires. I can’t imagine the time that went into this, it would probably take me a year just to make this in Maya. There are a bunch more photos over at Jalopnik.

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