Holydrug Couple + CCU + Magic Feed + Bicep

Posted by Jakub

Photo by Mathijs Delva

Photo by Mathijs Delva

Getting really excited for The Holydrug Couple, if you want to dig past Tame Impala and breathe in a dustier take on psychedelia this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Coyote Clean Up has an almost messy way of sequencing, feels like new parts come at you from behind and from the side, the magic lies on how everything lives together in the second half of the songs, stripped of trends in the future CCU will always be an interesting listen.

Magicfeet preps what seems to be an EP in the making. This sampler has some gems, I hope to get my hands on a full track for a proper sharing with you all.

Comes in stark in the intro but Bicep doesn’t disappoint by giving us a very respectful rebirth of what made dance what it is in Miami/Chicago/Detroit.

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Max says:

January 12, 2013 at 5:43 pm

Thanks for posting that Holydrug Couple! I just got turned on to the Chilean Psych scene which I was previously unaware of.