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Tape Rideau
I hope everyone enjoyed a nice short time off, I definitely did by digging thru some older songs and found a few favorites that we’re hiding. It’s a tiny bit crazy that this blog has pretty much a list of all my favorite songs and posting 4 a day sometimes will really make you dig deep thru old mp3s and burn old cds onto the computer that weren’t on before. Scott is definitely working on a player for the blog and pretty much that will make me close my iTunes and Pandora and i’ll just sit on iso50 all day.
These 4 tracks today are all on the gentle tip but all different styles. The first song I remember buying it at a record store in Royal Oak, MI called Neptune Records, the clerks would suggest some of the best music and i’d end up going broke a few times. I found a great description of the song below on Boomkat out of the UK – “‘A Spire’ hits a more gradually rhythmic pace, a hypnotic banjo strum loops into infinity over which a developing cresta of vibraphone notes, guitar stabs and tonewaves congregate. By the midpoint all that’s left is a lonesome acoustic guitar and piano replaying a sublime melody before slowly all the other instrumentation rejoins taking the track to a deep blue finish”.
This Studio song is a favorite, this record is never left out of anything I do, everything from loading my iPod, DJ sets, mixes for friends, whatever you name off this is on it. It’s like Surf music served up for an eager disco crowd, each part brought in gives you more of what you’d be asking for if they were right in front of you and making it for you.
If you follow any Detroit Techno scene then you know Maurizio, its like stripped down hypnotic techno from a distance, I always picture a thick python slowly wrapping around its prey and squeezing tighter with every lap up the body that it makes.
We’ve all seen Crocodile Dundee and if you make music I feel everyone once in their life has tried to fit in a digeridoo in a song they’re working on, don’t lie and say you haven’t because you have because you wanted to make this exact song but i’m going to share this with you that it can’t be done because Peter Best killed it and it can’t be topped.

Tape – A Spire


Studio – Life’s A Beach!


Maurizio – M-4.5 (Untitled A)


Peter Best – Theme from Crocodile Dundee


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Keith says:

November 28, 2008 at 7:28 am

Great music! Thanks.
Although I’m finding it hard to track down Tape and Studio.
Any hints for downloads?


Scott Lowe says:

November 28, 2008 at 9:30 am

hey thanks for posting new music for us to listen to. i generally have not heard of the people you recomend so its a great way for me to get aquainted with a different genre of music (something the radio should do but doesn’t in my opinion.)

Also how do you embed the music files into the posts? I am really curious as to what the source is for the audio files and what you need to do to make it playable in the posts.



Beamer says:

December 8, 2008 at 9:46 pm

Life’s a Beach is just what you said, a staple in everything. It gets shoved in every months playlist at our store. Solid gold.