PVT + Chromatics + Talabot + Shakir

Posted by Jakub

Up there with Battles I loved seeing PVT build a very complex song in a live setting, its technical but human and after hearing clips from this new LP its even more human.

Chromatics using something that sounds like a 8 bit version of the Airwolf theme song, which might be one of the most adored sounds from my childhood.

Bullion has been coming up with magic, probably the most prolific artist that came from the beat scene and moved onto something bigger and better, soo impressed, Talabot should be soo thankful for this one.

When I started DJing in 1997 I was obsessed with fast deep detroit techno, I wanted every tribal hypnotic record at the time, this Skudge remix is a perfect example of all my old records, i’m sure it might be hard to understand by some especially out of context or ever experiencing a good old Detroit rave but I think it has a lot of appeal to everyone.

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