Shifting Gears

Posted by Scott

Finally back home for a bit, feels good to have some time to focus.  After a long stretch in the design trenches got the next month slated for music. Going to get back to work on the new album which is coming along well, just a lot of the dirty work yet to do. The first track from the forthcoming album will be available as a single on December 11th (iTunes Exclusive at first, all retailers later).  Keep an eye here and for more updates.
On a design related note, I treated the above pics of the studio using some of the concepts we were discussing back in this post. Took Christian’s advice and applied a lens blur to the vignette, getting closer to digital Lomo! Finally been getting my head around this Nikon D80 I got a while back to replace my broken 8800.  Really been enjoying the results, especially at the higher ISO’s, even at ISO1000 the output is still clean and the noise is actually rather pleasing, not the sort of digital junk I’ve come to expect from high speed exposure’s with non-SLR digicams.

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michael j. says:

November 16, 2007 at 3:55 pm

awesome man, can’t wait to hear the new record. after streaming your songs at home for so long, i finally got to purchase the CD at amoeba music in LA (i’m new to the west coast, what a bad ass store!).

not sure if it would work for your blog or not, but i would love to have some insight to your process in the recording studio and how you mix sounds and compose. the idea of the computer as an instrument is really interesting to me and a new concept for me as well; it seems very much in line with digital art in how you can mix elements organically in the digital realm. i’ve always used live instruments to make music but haven’t quite grasped how to make it work with drum loops and samples and other things that fall slightly outside the guitar/drums/bass/vocals rock sound.