40 Thieves+Knxwledge+Tokimonsta+Urulu

Posted by Jakub

Mushroom Projects has been a favorite lately, the original mix of this single that 40 Thieves remixed is almost 17 minutes, I imagine the recording jam session might last days.

Knxwledge released his latest via bandcamp, closest J Dilla feel since Bullion.

With Tokimonsta and Hundred Waters both on a train together touring the US with Skrillex collabs obviously are a natural result. This one out of all of the ones floating around sounds the best to me.

Tensnake posted this floor filler today on his fb, Diva House vocals in full effect in 2011-2012, if you can do Diva House vocals you could be sitting on a million dollars this year if you play your cards right.

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