Tycho/ISO50 Live Tonight In Clearwater

Posted by Scott

tycho-clearwater-nov8-altsm2.jpgAfter an unplanned overnight stay in Atlanta, I’ve finally made it to Tampa for the Connext show tonight. Just a reminder, if you’re planning on coming out the show is from 5:00-10:30PM at Coachman Park. I’ll go on around 9PM, all the details are here. See you out there.

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mpb says:

November 1, 2008 at 1:46 pm

watch out for huge, speeding, oversized pickups with the fake testicles hanging off the back. this is the image that comes to mind when i think of Florida (former resident). i feel it encapsulates about 80% of what that state is all about. no–in all seriousness, just like any place else, you get the good with the bad…

i hope the show goes well, and honestly i wish i were there to experience it. hoping there is a decent Tycho fanbase in the Tampa area–they are lucky to get you.


Joe Clay says:

November 2, 2008 at 6:38 pm

Apparently MPB didn’t live in Tampa. Most of those people just pass through. Seriously though, why put testicles on trucks? Seems kind of gay to me and aren’t those people anti-gay usually? We can’t show boobs, but we can have testicles on trucks. The US is retarded sometimes.

Anyway, your set was cool. I thought the rest of the show would be different though. I thought they were going to show a bunch of videos, but it seems like it was simply about the sponsors and that was it. They showed about 6 videos. I was kind of disappointed in the rest of the show. By the way, is the last song you played going to be on a new CD? :)