ISO50 Video Playlist: 18 Carat Affair

Posted by Jakub

18 Carat Affair

Kansas City’s Denys Parker has just released a 30 track album under the alias 18 Carat Affair. The album is called Pure Gold and he has a limited of a 100 CDs available here and it comes with the digital download, its a no brainer. I asked him to donate his time and put together a video playlist for the ISO50 readers and he nailed it. I guess the best way to describe it is by taking his definitions and making my own so enjoy this Slow Televised Funk playlist that veers in a few different and excellent directions.

Geneva Jacuzzi “Do I Sad”

Nudimension “Amour Programme”

Alan Vega “Wipeout Beat (Live 1983)”

More videos after the break.

LA Vampires/Matrix Metals “So Unreal”

Mirror Kisses “Slow Lover”

CVLTS “Flooded Forest/Microrangers

Human League “Love Action Swap Shop”

China Crisis “Red Sails”

DEUX “Paris Orly”

Plastic Bertrand “Stop Ou Encore”

Talking Heads “Seen And Not Seen”

Onra “Don’t Stop”

Macintosh Plus “リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー”

A Certain Ratio Knife Slits Water (2nd Peel Session)

LX Sweat Touch Your Body

Tom Browne “Mr. Business”

Mr. Fingers “Can You Feel It”

Drexciya “Aqua Worm Hole”

Vangelis “Improvisation”

James Ferraro “Leather High School”

The Youtube playlist here.

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Asha says:

August 28, 2012 at 10:32 am

Vero, ma basta prenderci la mano ci sono tanti di quei coamdni e di combinazioni di tasti che mi sembrava di impazzire, ma era troppo bello sdraiarsi fra l’erba, mimetizzarsi, alzarsi un pochino per guardarsi intorno, avvicinarsi furtivamente dietro a un soldato e con la tecnica del CQC zack!! Era tuo! E lo potevi anche interrogare e spesso ti dava dei trucchetti